Sprint 6 Reflections

In this sprint no bugs were able to be solved. Not much was done as the semester is coming to an end. Instead of working on bugs or learning more about Angular 2 etc, we have been discussing the final project. I have not learned anything new and plan to work on the final project.

The Software Craftsman 11 & 12 Week 13

The first section of the reading discusses how you as the interviewer should conduct the interview and what type of questions to ask. This chapter basically tell you what not to do when interviewing a potential employee. This such as don’t ask brain-teasers, don’t ask them to code on paper, don’t block the internet and dont ask questions you don’t know the answer to. Basically you want them to feel like they are in a work environment.

The next chapter is about keeping up the moral in the office. Low moral will cost the company money, developers will not work as well if they’re moral is not high enough. You need to keep you employees happy, you can’t MAKE them happy but you can do your best to keep the office in a general sense of content. You want your employees to have passion for the work that they’re doing and not think of it as “just a job”. A few things you can do is have daily meetings or bringing in developers that are very passionate to help bring out the passion in the other developers.

The Software Craftsman 9 & 10 Week 12

The first section of the reading talks about the hiring process and what you should and should not do. If you already have a team of unorganized developers, bringing in another one will not help your situtation only make it worse. There should be little to no job description, it should be vague as it attracks more abstract minds. You want to hire someone that does not need constant direction and can learn things on their own. You should be hiring developers that are passionate about what they do.

The second part of the reading goes over the interview process. When in an interview make sure you ask a lot of questions about the company and get to know their process and how they treat developers. If you are a software craftsman you should not just be looking for good pay and cool projects, you should be looking at what will make you a better developer.

Sprint 5 Reflections

In this sprint we were given more issues to fix. I have become very used to JIRA, it’s not a hard system to learn. Some issues were taken by individuals in the group and other issues required the whole group to help. In the next sprint I think it would be helpful to figure out which issues are easy enough for one person to fix and which issues would need more than one person, still I know this is hard as we only have 2 hours a week to work together. I’ve also been learning a lot of CSS and HTML which is necessary to fix these issues.